display your authors’ feedback with the conpher widget

display your authors reviews and ratings of their article publishing experiences

benefits of displaying your authors’ experiences

  • boosts trust in your journal and your editorial/publishing services
  • influences the manuscript submission process
  • highlight reviews in your marketing campaigns and social media
  • improves SEO positioning
  • provides analysis of your processes


Author reviews will add social proof to your journal website. Manuscript submissions will be encouraged by the views of previous authors. Importantly, author feedback will give you insights into how you could improve your processes and the overall publishing experience. That’s an opportunity you can’t miss.

Of course author reviews have to be authentic to work – that is why conpher puts each review through a validation process to confirm the review has been submitted by a genuine author of an article published in your journal.


Pew Research reported that 82% of consumers consult online ratings and reviews when making a purchasing decision. We believe a similar pattern of decision making is followed when we are deciding on which journal to publish our research. We are not convinced by advertisements. We are guided by our mentors, our peers and by our own personal experiences.

The Spiegel Research Center explain that displaying reviews leads to a stunning 350% increase in take up. So it’s clear: displaying reviews on your website means more social proof and increased submissions. 

promote your journal

Search engines love user-generated content, which can often contain phrases and links that are associated with and specific to your business.

Linking your journal’s reviews to social media will provide a continuous flow of transparent recommendations.

analyse your performance and processes

Author feedback can help your editorial and production teams highlight what is working well and perhaps not so well in the article publication process. Journals that react to criticisms and resolve challenges will see their profile increase amongst potential authors.

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