introducing – conpher

conpher is being built by the academic community for the academic community to help you find the best journal to publish your research in

As an academic, publishing articles and sharing your research with colleagues around the world is a necessary process. But it is often a stressful and sometimes miserable experience.

conpher is designed to help you

Overview of conpher functionality

  • Search over 20,000 journals for advice from colleagues
  • Write a review of your publishing experience and share it with your colleagues. It takes seconds, but could save them months of stress
  • Make educated, calculated publication choices based on comprehensive, transparent and verified data.
  • Read detailed opinions and advice from your colleagues who have published recently in the journals you are considering
  • Compare up to 3 journals side by side to help visualize your selection criteria
  • Select your favourite journals and track their most recent articles
  • Receive a useful checklist from your University Office of Scholarly Communication to maintain your compliance with their publication guidelines

Watch a short introduction – how to write a review of your journal publishing experience.

Watch a short introduction on how to search for advice.

conpher is a community project and we would like to hear from you. Are we missing important functionality? Could we present the advice and data in a different way that works best for you? Send us your feedback

here to support you

“conpher with the pros”

conpher has gathered together an expert panel of advisors from around the world consisting of publishers, research support advisors, academic and life coaches and experienced researchers.

Each week we will provide their expert opinions and advice and answer questions and queries received from you with regards to your research careers and publishing queries.

For example: a senior colleague is advising you to submit to a journal they favour, but the majority of your writing team prefer another title. How should you handle this decision?

or… if I have an option between a paywall journal and an Open Access journal, which should I choose?

We are here to help you, so if you have a query, question or a challenge for the panel, please send it to and we will try to share our knowledge and experiences.

Get Involved! It takes seconds, but it could save your colleagues months of stress!

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