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acceptance and publication times for 3.2 million articles!

conpher has just released acceptance and publication times for 3.2 million articles published in more than 5000 different journals. The latest data has been accessed via the PubMed OA Subset

Speed of publication may not be your Number 1 priority, but with this new feature you will have a verified expectation of how long the process will take!

This new data has enabled conpher to release a new feature!

The acceptance/publication time speedometer!

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compare your preferred journal performance against related titles

The conpher platform was launched in June 2020 with the specific aim of providing academic researchers with a mixture of advice from colleagues with previous journal publishing experience and factual data to assist their choice of journal. 

Thousands of academics from over 80 countries have now provided feedback on their previous publishing experiences.

In addition to speed of publication, conpher is collecting verified author publishing experiences. A simple form completed by authors asking them to rate the quality of the peer-review and the reviewers’ comments and reports; the quality of the communication received from the editors and publishers; why they selected to publish with that particular journal; whether they will submit future articles to the same journal and whether they would recommend a colleague publish with the journal. 

conpher also collects data about rejected articles as well as accepted, to provide valuable advice to help others make educated, informed decisions on where to publish.

Thank you for your support – we are building conpher with you and for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us – [email protected]

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