invite your authors to share their feedback

social proof drives submissions!

We (academic researchers) are more likely to make an article submission if others around us—even total strangers—agree that it is a good decision. Today, online reviews are the biggest source of social proof, and they can have a clear impact on submissions.

Author feedback creates that ‘social-proof’ trust that encourages other researchers to select to publish in a journal.

Publishers – invite your authors to rate their publishing experiences

You want to start inviting your authors to share their experiences and provide you with feedback on their article publication process. The best way to do this is via communication you already have built into your workflow. It is simple to add the conpher invitation – add the conpher logo, and a dynamic link for your authors to open an experience review tailored specifically to their article.

A) Download the logo png

The logo is also available here

B) Generate the link which will connect your author directly to their bespoke experience review using the link structure:


So you can now combine the logo and the dynamic link to communications you have with your published authors.

For example

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So you are ready to go!

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