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Since the launch of conpher in June 2020, the platform has seen a phenomenal response from academics in more than 70 countries.

” Sharing publishing experiences provides contributing authors with an invaluable resource of advice from peers and colleagues. Users appear confident in sharing these experiences with a 3rd party who then verify each feedback survey to ensure advice is factual and trustworthy” stated John Marshall, a member of the conpher launch team.

And with this success beginning to meet the needs of individual academics, conpher is now launching accounts aimed at supporting journal publishers.

Author feedback creates that ‘social-proof’ trust that encourages other researchers to select to publish in a journal.

Publishers will be able to display their journals’ conpher rating via a new widget launched today. The aim will to build trust for potential article contributors considering where to publish their research. Publishers will also be able to send invitations to their current authors inviting them to share their publication experiences. This will provide a steady pipeline of feedback which can be used by publishers to both promote their journals, but also analyse their performances.

Obviously not every comment will be positive, but journals responding to positively to criticism with action to taken to avoid repeating failings, will give themselves every opportunity to attract and encourage new manuscript submissions.

Journal selection for researchers is vitally important to their careers. And with the number of journals competing for content increasing rapidly it is hard to find ways to elevate your journal from the crowd. 

There are a number of options available to publishers, including a free account. Features for each account can be started on the same day as opening your account, with zero set-up fees and no long-term contracts.

To find out more visit here or email the conpher team [email protected]

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