conpher y las universidades

*New feature for University OSC’s*

embed the conpher “search for advice” widget onto your university website

the conpher platform has been built by academics for academics to share and compare journal article publishing experiences.

embed the widget, and your faculty colleagues can search directly for the best advice on where to publish their research

benefits of displaying your authors’ experiences

1. search for advice and previous publication experiences from thousands of colleagues around the world

2. Get an expectation of how long it will take to get your manuscripts accepted and published. conpher have analysed 3.2 million article acceptance and publication times.

advice you can trust

conpher collects and verifies journal article publishing experiences from academics around the world. When a research project is coming to the point where results are to be published, it is important to plan which journal is best for your paper.

conpher has collected a comprehensive database of information to allow you to easily analyse and compare whether the journals you are considering match your requirements.

1. quality of peer review

2. quality of the communication from editor/publisher

3. publication speed

4. open Access option

5. comments from previous authors

6. and a lot more!

It is easy to set up your conpher widget!

What to do:

  • complete the registration form below
  • read and agree with the terms and conditions of use
  • once you have registered, you will access the HTML code.
  • you will receive a confirmation email with an access key to connect your widget
  • integrate the conpher widget to your website and share with your faculty

conpher search for advice widget registration