conpher for Publishers

what benefits are there for a publisher working with conpher?

social proof drives submissions

We (academic researchers) are more likely to make an article submission if others around us—even total strangers—agree that it is a good decision. Today, online reviews are the biggest source of social proof, and they can have a clear impact on submissions.

Author feedback creates that ‘social-proof’ trust that encourages other researchers to select to publish in a journal.

make your journal stand out from the crowd

Journal selection for researchers is vitally important to their careers. And with the number of journals competing for content increasing rapidly it is hard to find ways to elevate your journal from the crowd. Author publication experience reviews give you a steady pipeline of (hopefully) positive content which can be promoted to attract authors. 

build trust with your contributors

Your journal can build significant trust and credibility from a steady stream of positive reviews. If previous authors have made positive comments about the peer-review process, or the timeliness of decision making, or the professionalism of editorial and publishing communications and include a recommendation that an author will return to publish again with this journal – this is a powerful indication to potential contributors.

conpher celebrates transparency

conpher is working with publishers to raise awareness and transparency of publication processes to help authors make wiser, more educated submission decisions. Join eLife and Copernicus and become conpher transparent!

improve the quantity and quality of your author feedback

Sharing feedback with a 3rd party who protects their identity encourages respondents to feel more comfortable providing accurate reviews without fear of reprisal. Authors can be more open and descriptive of their experiences and you will receive a truer picture of your journal’s performance. With conpher managing your author surveys, confidentiality and anonymity are immediately increased.


You will have managed author experience surveys before. You will have considerable data on your own titles but how do you rank with your competitors?

  • Without benchmarking, scaled survey data is subject to interpretation.
  • Comparative data. Since benchmarking data is standardized and objective, comparing across journal frequencies, subject areas, quality standards, size of publisher etc is instantly simplified.
  • Enduring data. Industry standards will change over time, and benchmarking data has the flexibility to adapt to changes.

By allowing conpher to handle your survey, your scores will be quantified within your industry and you’ll have a clear view of how your journals rank. conpher dynamic reports will enable you to segment your competitors into subject area or publisher reports to suit your intended outcomes.

survey interpreting, analysis and reporting

Our analytical experts interpret and analyse the data by state-of-the-art data mining and correlation techniques depending on the nature of the project. Interpreted data is converted into tabular data and graphical charts are created to make it easier for you to understand the trends and other happenings.

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