ReviewerCredits: on the side of researchers in the peer-review process

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Scientific Journals use the peer review process to select and prioritize innovative articles. It is a crucial job, performed by thousands of academics around the world. Peer review carries great responsibility and requires significant time and effort, unpaid and unrewarded.

While several metrics have been developed to appraise and quantify the work of authors, articles and Journals, no metrics and no rewarding system exist to recognize and reward peer-reviewers performance. ReviewerCredits fills this gap!

The independent start-up and spin-off of the Milan-Bicocca University (Italy) manages a web platform that guarantees reviewers to obtain a solid certification for their peer review activity to be included in their curricula to obtain visibility and career advancements as well as credits that can be spent on the platform to redeem real awards

The peer review ensures the authenticity, relevance and rigor of the results published at local and international level, avoiding the proliferation of fake news also in the scientific field. An indispensable job therefore and never as now, in the era of Covid-19.

The peer review has not undergone many changes since its introduction. In the face of greater research funding, the activity of universities also in emerging countries, are increasing the number of publications, while the reviewer element remains the scarce asset to be committed and retained through not only quantitative but also qualitative metrics.

To subvert this practice, offers scientists, who register for free through ORCID iD, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn account, a certificate of their contribution in the peer review process and tangible recognition in credits that can be spent in the e-commerce store.

Peer reviews can be imported via API connections to other platforms, automated data import and integration with editorial and manuscripts management platforms that automatically transmit data, such as Editorial Manager, OJS by PKP and Arpha.

The reward mechanism assigns credits to each peer review that has been certified and can be redeemed to purchase discounted subscriptions to scientific publications, to access the online training offer, to publish articles at favorable prices in Open Access, to get gift cards and can also be converted into green credits to be donated to sustainability initiatives related to the concept of Sustainable Reviews.

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